Mind Set on Wou

Bronx, N.Y., October 12, 2012 – What can you say after watching your team score in four of 25 innings over two days, and on the third day a guy whom you refuse to believe is the second coming of, well, name your all-time righty ace, has retired 12 of 12 through four? If you’re not feeling the panic that is gripping my fingers even now as I type this afterward, given the scene as set, you may not be a baseball fan, or, well, never mind. Continue reading

Raul Takes Us There

An ecstatic Yankee team does pretty much what the 50,000 delirious fans were doing in the 12th inning, only they had the night's hero to swarm.

Bronx, N.Y., October 10, 2012 – The agony that can be postseason baseball was visited upon Yankee Stadium Wednesday night. Questions about the weather dissipated throughout the day, but doubts about the second-half Yankee offense persisted, right up until the “last” moment. Continue reading

Ca-Nova Stalls Detroit

Bronx, New York, October 1, 2011 – Well, it took 26 hours and 55 minutes, four “starting” pitchers and two entrances to (and exits from) the Stadium, but the Yankees have finally taken the first game of their 2011 ALDS battle against the Tigers. The game was halted by a monsoon Friday night, and rains threatened to mess with the Saturday restart as well, but as it turned out all the fans and players had to contend with was bone-chilling cold. Continue reading

Better All the Time

Bronx, N.Y., October 9, 2010 — Although the larger story may have been that the Yanks swept the Twins in three games to win the 2010 ALDS in Yankee Stadium 6-1 on Saturday night, for Phil Hughes the bigger aspect may have been a more personal one. Exactly one year ago, the Twins put an ugly inning on Phil at the worst possible time, and although to all accounts he seems to be a pleasant young man, he really seemed to have enjoyed the chance to get back this time around. Continue reading

Canyon Caps Sizzling Season

Andy Pettitte

Andy Pettitte took his rightful place dominating the penultimate float, as befits the winner of more postseason games than anyone, and the clinchers in all three series.

Downtown Manhattan, N.Y., November 6, 2009 — The woman getting on the 6:34 (out of Rye) in New Rochelle was grateful that I slid over and let her have the outside seat of two, but I was glad for the company. “Oh my,” she said, “it seems we have a few young fans heading to the Parade.” Continue reading

Designated Hero

Andy PettitteBronx, N.Y., November 4, 2009 — You had to hand it to the sports prognosticators following the Yankees’ Game Six World Series victory Wednesday. To a man, they all knew it was about pitching, and how rested the pitchers starting for each team would be. The astounding thing is that so many knew that that was the key, but so few realized for which pitcher that would be the bigger problem Continue reading

Andy Pennant

Bronx, N.Y., October 25, 2009 — Fulfilling their role as overseers of what goes on in the Big City, the New York Times reported on Saturday that the concrete covering some of the ramps in new Yankee Stadium was crumbling. From what I saw following the Yankees’ 5-2, Game 6 ALCS-clinching victory over the Angels, they needn’t have worried. Fans were soaring out of the Stadium without their feet ever touching the ground. Continue reading

AJ, A-Rod, A-OK

AJ Burnett and Mark Teixeira

Despite the fact that AJ pied Mark Teixeira a week ago, the entire Yankee hurling staff should chip in and buy Tex and his family all the pie they can eat. He saves runs every day at first base.

Bronx, N.Y., October 17, 2009 — You could look at Game 2 of the ALCS as two games. The first one was mostly dry, and Joe Saunders and AJ Burnett battled superbly to a seven-inning 2-2 tie. Then the Yankee bullpen beat the Anaheim pen 2-1 in a sloppier but still well pitched contest through six innings more. Continue reading