F Troop

Bronx, N.Y., July 9, 2017; Milwaukee 5, Yankees 3 — Major League Baseball embarrassed and made fun of 44,000 fans in New York Sunday, and probably countless others in various cities. The Yankee Stadium crowd leaped to their collective feet in joy (OK, a few thousand in despair) when in the sixth inning Chase Headley turned a 3-5 Yankee deficit into a 6-5 home team lead with a home run near the right field foul pole. People danced with glee and hugged one another, with high fives all around. Continue reading

This Team Has Just Begun

Tampa, Fla., March 2, 2017; Yankees 8, Orioles 1 — As meaningless exhibitions go, Spring Training is the Championship season of the year. Our sojourn along Florida’s West Coast the last week or so began as a decision to pursue baseball, and all that wonderful sport involves, rather than waiting for it to find its way North to us. We know that the outcome of the games doesn’t count, that the fact that the Yankees led the Grapefruit League, for instance, in home runs entering Thursday wouldn’t earn them one win in the 162 following contests that will count. But who are we kidding? We are fans as well, and we’re eager to see perceived strengths in our team confirmed, and to have the array of questions every season brings answered in a positive manner. Continue reading