It Happens Before Spring

With all apologies to a movie with special effects that bring a smile and the genuine heart and humor of baseball (It Happens Every Spring, of course), I’m delighted to announce the fourth annual Maple Street Yankee Annual, this one subheaded 2010 .

It sprints out of the box with 80 pages devoted to the upcoming season, hopefully a carbon copy of its predecessor, followed by 20 more featuring Yankee prospects: the coming Derek Jeters, Mo’s, and Po’s.

The “walkoff-happy” party we just celebrated got me to musing about the great, important walk-off home runs in Yankee history, and my piece on this leads into a volume-concluding 30 pages looking back in appreciation at the many years of Yankee thunder and spectacle. (Chris Chambliss and the just now retired Aaron Boone play big roles in mine, but they’re not the only heroes you’ll love hearing about again.)

Look for it where sporting books are sold, or order it direct from Maple Street at